5 Tips To Welcome & Train a Puppy into Your Home

Is it time to bring a new puppy home? You’ve imagined the bond, those lazy afternoons snuggled on the couch, strolling the park, and playful experiences. You have prepared, including stocking up on supplies, like food and treats, bowls, crate, collar and leash, toys, to mention a few. You’ve also puppy-proofed the house and even searched for the best puppy trainer near me. You are ready for the puppy, but how do you welcome your new furry friend and train them to be as comfortable and healthy in your home? Here are five tips to get you started.

The timing

You are introducing the puppy to a new environment. It is also likely that it is its first time to be away from the mother, siblings, and familiar faces. Therefore, it is important to take an active role to help them adjust. As you consider the timing, ensure you’ll be more available, not when your schedule is overwhelming. A few days off will help you get to know the puppy and help them explore, play, and settle in its new home.


You consulted the vet and read up on dog nutrition. Now is the time to put that knowledge into practice. You can’t feed chocolate to the puppy; that’s a no-brainer, but how do you time and manage the proportions to ensure they get enough nutrients? You can start easy, like investing in pet plate meals packaged in pre-portioned containers. The portions contain the right amount and caloric requirements for the puppy’s needs. As you get the hang of it, you’ll find it easier to manage the meals ensuring they get enough to stay energized and facilitate healthier growth and development.


Be patient and consistently help your pet adjust. The first few days can be frustrating, especially as the playful pet chews on virtually anything, and that soiled carpet doesn’t make it any easier. Resist that urge to scold the puppy and instead patiently guide it away. For example, provide a toy to chew on when it starts to chew on those cables. Also, reinforce positive behavior with treats. If you are patient and consistent, the puppy will easily pick on those clues, helping them to adjust and enjoy the new home comfortably.

Train a Puppy into Your Home

Crate training

Putting your puppy in a crate the first day; doesn’t sound like much fun since you want more playtime, but it is essential. Start crate training early, especially as it gives the puppy a sense of privacy, making it easier for them to escape whenever they need some alone time. Simple hacks such as guiding them with treats into the crate and rewarding their stay with more can make the space more comfortable and reinforce the sense of personal space.

Continuous training

It is tempting to go on a two hours marathon, attempting to train the puppy on all those commands you want them to respond to. That’s counterproductive, and as you realize little success, you can easily be frustrated. Take it easy, with short bursts, such as one or two commands every day. Also, consider enlisting professionals such as k9 training Fayetteville NC, making housetraining easier.

Bringing a new puppy home is exciting but can also turn into a nightmare. With the above pointers, you’ll have an easier time welcoming and training the puppy as they join your family.