7 Best Ways to Keep Your Cat Safe From Open Window

What are the 7 Best Ways to Keep Your Cat Safe From Open Window? About a year ago I bought a flat on the third floor. My pet cat and I live together in this apartment. One day, cool wind was blowing and I wanted to enjoy the weather so I opened the window. I don’t think my Tomy cat is having much fun either. When I open the window, my Tomy jumped and fell down.

My Tomy was injured and then he died. I was sad about what happened to me? A few days ago I bought a cat again. Now I am very careful about window doors. I search on google about Cat Proof Window Screen but few ways I find out.

Now I am sharing the 7 best ways to keep your cat safe from an open window. Let’s start

Use the Child Proof Tool

There is a range of window safety tools available online that aim to prevent young children from falling windows. Although there are many options that put bars on windows, it would be wise to choose a strong screen or screens for your cat. They can move across bars.

7 Best Ways to Keep Your Cat Safe From Open Window

Support Screens From the Outside

If your window screens are relatively new and have no cracks, try to strengthen your screen from the outside if possible.

Use Sticky Tape

Use tape, screws, or nails to secure the screen, and do not knock on the window easily.

Diy Window Screen

Unfortunately, most pre-built window guards are useless if you have non-sliding windows. My flat has a large window that leaves a small branch and a small part between my tomy and the three-story shed. I can’t go out and install more powerful screens because I live in an apartment building and I don’t have a balcony or floor under the windows. Then what did I do? Listen! I measured my window and ordered a belly diaphragm to be installed in my window. There are other specially made screens for pets, or you can choose another strong screen. Just make sure it is strong enough to hold, even if your cat catches a bird outside the window.

Hire a Professional

If your budget allows it and you own your home, consider hiring a professional to create a custom treatment window to keep your cat safe. Many people’s views on windows, work, and window screens can be frustrating, and it’s okay to hire someone if you feel more comfortable than that. The purpose is to keep your cat safe.

7 Best Ways to Keep Your Cat Safe From Open Window

Give Your Cat a Patch

If your cat likes to look out the window, consider a cat tree or apartment that may be close to a window, but hope isn’t close enough to give you hope. By giving your cat a safe view from the outside, it will be less likely to jump on small purchases and go to the window screen.

Always Close Windows When You Are Not at Home

When you leave the house, it is tempting for you to leave one window open when you leave the house, fight passionately, and close all the windows when leaving the house. Even if you keep your windows safe and strong, it’s always safe to keep them closed when you’re not at home. I even go to the bathroom to close the windows, or even go downstairs to pick up mail.

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