Are Orange Cats Crazy? Know 5 Unknown Facts About Orange Cats

Are you planning on adopting a little orange kitty, or are you already a cat mom? Well, it can only do you a whole lot of good to find out some interesting and unknown facts about orange cats. And we are right here to tell you about these facts! But first, a particular fact will explain why we have decided to focus on these orange tabbies. 

We spoke with a few shelters and did some much-needed research to find out how black cats are least popularly adopted. And sadly enough, we also realized if black cats were the least popular, orange tabbies are the second on the least popular list. So, we decided to compile a list of the top five interesting facts about orange cats!

5 Unknown Facts About Orange Cats:

We love orange cats. If you don’t, then these five unknown facts about orange cats will definitely make you fall in love with them. Thus, simply scroll down to find out more about the same!

  1. A Certain Pigment Is Responsible for The Orange Color 

Have you ever noticed how orange cats are never exactly the same color? There are so many different versions – from brown cats to Siamese cats, the hues are all different. If one cat has a reddish hue, the other one has a cream-colored color, thus showing how no single orange cat is of the same exact hue. 

The orange hue comes from a pigment that is known as pheomelanin which also happens to be the pigment that is responsible for all the red hair that humans get. Thus, orange cats are unique in how they look. Pretty cute, right? Even we think the same!

  1. Orange Tabbies Have Historical Relevance

So, the legend goes like this…Once upon a time when Jesus was a baby, he was unable to sleep on a cold, wintry night. It was then that an orange tabby stepped up to keep baby Jesus warm and comfy. The legend goes on to mention that when Mother Mary found out about the orange tabby’s role in protecting her son, she kissed the kitten’s forehead, leaving an ‘M’ symbol behind. 

This is perhaps one of the most unknown facts about orange cats. The legend explains the ‘M’ shaped mark on the fur of your orange tabby. It is interesting to note in this context, nobody really knows what tabby means. Perhaps, another connection is the story of Jesus. After all, cats are more mysterious than you know. 

  1. Orange Tabbies Are Foodies

Garfield is the mascot of these orange tabbies, and true to how Garfield was always eating something, these cats are no different. Orange tabbies love food and are absolutely adorable foodies. In fact, if you think you can just leave out some food all day long for your cat, then you are absolutely wrong. 

Just like a lot of food can affect humans with obesity and similar diseases, it’s the same for these orange tabbies. Obesity has already been identified as a major issue related to cat health, and orange tabbies have been afflicted with more than one health issue, like feline diabetes, joint damage, and cancer. 

  1. Orange Tabbies Are Always Low on Energy

Cats are, in general, so lazy that you don’t need to think, “what breed is my cat?” at all while accepting this. But, of course, it’s true for all breeds. But when it comes to the orange cat, there is no breed lazier than these furry creatures. In fact, they are so low on energy every single day that most owners claim these cats are just plain lazy. 

All they love doing is chill out and eat all they want. It sounds like a pretty cool life right there! Of course, this relaxing certitude is totally responsible for why these cats are terrific snugglers and lap buddies. However, at the same time, owners need to make sure that all this love should not make their cat obese. 

  1. Orange Tabbies Have Unique Personalities

Did you know that these orange tabbies come in not just different hues of orange but also with different personality shades? It is one of the most unknown facts about orange cats that always leaves us wondering about these beautiful, lazy kittens. One morning your orange tabby might be adorable and playful, but the next day that could easily change to an unfriendly attitude. 

It is a huge matter of concern if you think that these orange cats will be able to adjust well with your family. And my family, we mean both humans and other pets. But that shouldn’t stop you from adopting a cat, orange or not. It’s a risk most pet parents are willing to take! Thus, the next time you meet an orange tabby, be prepared for the mood swing – it can come around at any time, literally!


Orange tabbies are cute, furry creatures, and we love them. If you are planning to adopt one, then finding out some unknown facts about orange cats can only do you good. The orange tabby kot (cat in Russian) is one of a kind and deserves all the love in the world. But we wonder why are they not adopted often? Is it because they eat so much or are lazy? 

Whatever the reason might be, these cats are absolute adorable creatures. Welcoming any pet inside your house is definitely a risk, but in the end, it’s a risk that you are willing to take. So, if you find these little orange babies cute, adopt one today! And even Jesus approves!