Can dogs eat pomegranate seeds?

Yes, dogs can eat pomegranate seeds. Why do I just say yes to this complex question? I read a lot of research and data from the internet so I decided to answer this question just by saying “yes, dogs eat pomegranate seeds”. All the doubts in your mind regarding this question will be removed in today’s post. I will prove at the same time that any kind of fruit is not harmful to animals. Believe me, there are 5 reasons why my decision is correct. I don’t want to waste your time, let’s get started:

Can dogs eat pomegranate

Is fruit harmful?

I ask you if any fruit is ever harmful to human health? Think for yourself…..I know you will answer exactly what I am about to say.  Yes, of course. Yes, every kind of fruit is good for human health, because fruits contain a lot of fiber and vitamins. And these fibers and vitamins play an important role in keeping the human body healthy and strong. When the human body can take full advantage of fruits, why can’t animals?

 Human nature!

It is human nature, Everything that benefits him, he wants the one he loves to benefit from it too. So those who like pomegranates want us to feed this fruit to our beloved pets so that they too can benefit from it. There is nothing wrong with that. There are many benefits to eating fruit. If your dog is interested in eating pomegranate and you want to feed him pomegranate too, This is great.

Benefits of dogs eat pomegranate seeds

What’re the benefits of pomegranate? Pomegranate has many benefits. Pomegranate dates back to the time of Baba Adam. One can guess from this how old this fruit is. Pomegranate is very useful for health. It contains a rich quantity of vitamins, potassium, fiber, insoluble fiber, and punicic acid, and folic acid. Pomegranate was first found in the Mediterranean region. Pomegranate contains antioxidants, anti-viral and anti-tumor properties that help fight diseases and strengthen the digestive system.

When there are so many benefits, why not eat this fruit? According to research, pomegranate is not harmful to dogs at all, but it does benefit the dog. Pomegranate is known as a super fruit. There is a difference in the diet of dogs and humans, which is why they cannot benefit from this fruit in the same way that humans can. But this does not mean that eating pomegranate will not benefit dogs.


When eating too much can make people sick, why not animals? Eating too much harms animals as much as it harms humans, so keep a balanced diet. When you feed your dog a limited amount of pomegranate, it will definitely benefit.

 Hard peel and Seed!

According to my point of view, Hard pomegranate peel and hard seeds do not harm a dog’s health too much like mentioned in other sites. One thing to keep in mind is that if pomegranate seeds were so hard, a human system would not be able to digest them. So you don’t have to worry about hard seeds. When a dog is capable of digesting hard bones and meat, what do these little hard seeds mean to it? 

And as far as hard peels are concerned, it’s a little bit harmful to your dog’s health. You have to be careful not to put the whole pomegranate in your dog’s mouth without peeling it, as it will not be digested. If your dog swallows a pomegranate with peels, it can cause suffocation and obstruction. So it needs to be avoided a bit. When your dog eats pomegranate without peeling it then it can cause intestinal obstruction that results in vomiting, loss of appetite, and constipation.

Risk Of Vomit

 If your dog eats pomegranate and at that same time he vomits, there is no need to worry. Let me give you an example: One person is admitted to the hospital, he is sick, he can’t eat or drink anything. Whatever he eats, he vomits immediately. Before injecting, the doctor tells, to give him some food like he drinks juice and vomit immediately then the doctor still injects him. He says that juice was gone inside him so a little bit of an effect has gone in him.

This example meant that when a dog ate a pomegranate and vomited immediately, it meant that a little bit of pomegranate had an effect on the dog. The first time you fed your dog pomegranate and he vomited, you should avoid feeding him pomegranate next time so that this process is not repeated.

  • If you want to pass on the benefits of pomegranate to your dog, you can make pomegranate juice and feed it to your dog. And there will be no problem in digestion:)

I hope you understand these five reasons. If you like this post now, then please share it.


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