Dog Nail Grinders - What you should know

Dog Nail Grinders – What you should know

How to safely trim the nails if your dog has black claws

Unfortunately, it is not easy to tell how far to trim if your dog has black claws. A pinkish or lighter color around the nail is usually the best indicator of how far to shorten the nails.

This may not be possible for darker dogs as they might have black claws. If your dog or puppy has black claws, it is better to grind off a minimal length of the nail rather than taking the risk of guessing and hurting your dog.

Advantages of dog nail grinders

What are the advantages of dog nail grinders? We mention here some benefits let’s read!

  • Smooth edges: A nail grinder allows you to smooth the edges of your furry friend’s nails. Which achieves a better trim and prevents the dog from getting its claws stuck on the carpet, hardwood, and other surfaces. Having smoother nails is also helpful in case your dog is a scraper or loves to jump on people.
  • Better for fearful dogs: Your dog may have had a bad experience with nail trimming sessions, which is why it may be afraid of clippers. Rather than forcing your pet to get its claws trimmed with dog nail clippers and risk injury, you can use a dog nail grinder to trim the claws safely and effectively.
  • Good for unstable hands: If your hands are not stable, you risk hurting your dog by cutting its nail too deep with a clipper. A dog nail grinder is a better choice in this situation because it is easier to use and does not require the same level of dexterity to safely shorten the nails.

How often should you trim your dog’s nails?

The time it takes for a dog’s claws to grow to a level where trimming is necessary depends on its nutrition and breed. So this period varies from dog to dog. However, one rule you can follow is that if your dog’s claws are touching the ground. It is time to grab the nail grinder and shorten them.

Dog Nail Grinders - What you should know

How do you grind the dog’s nails?

The first step when trimming your dog’s nails is to first get the dog used to the nail grinder. Introduce your dog to the grinder gradually and with lots of snacks and praise every step of the way. Start by showing your dog the grinder and give him a treat.

Place the treat near the grinder to get the dog to sniff around the grinder in order to get him to become familiar with it. After doing this a few times, progress to holding the grinder in your hand and turn it off then back on, followed by a treat.

Once the dog starts to become used to the noise of the grinder when it is turned on, you can keep it on for longer durations. After a few sessions, you can then try to turn the grinder and press it on your dog’s nail (only for a minute) and praise him.

This procedure will not be done in 1 day – in fact, it may take a few weeks to get your dog acclimatized. Keep going at your dog’s pace. The payoff is well worth it when your dog is no longer scared of the bussing grinder and is able to get its nails trimmed without a fuss.

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