Benefits of Sheep Shearing

The Benefits of Sheep Shearing and Why It’s Important to Do It

People have been shearing sheep for thousands of years, and it’s a common practice from the very beginning of the human settlement. We have relied on sheep for hunting, food domestication, and wool for clothing.

However, did you know about the effects shearing has on the sheep? Many people have various misconceptions about taking wool away from the animal’s body. Some even may state that wool shearing is a cruel practice. 

Nevertheless, the truth is that wool shearing is not harmful to the sheep, especially when it’s done right with high-quality sheep shears. In fact, it would be cruel to avoid shearing the sheep. 

Sounds unbelievable, doesn’t it? Well, read on.

It’s similar to how you take your dog to the vet in Sheen for a health check. To go more into detail, we’ll show you everything you need to know about the benefits of sheep shearing and how you can shear your animal without causing harm. 

Why is Sheep Shearing Important?

Shearing can help your sheep in maintaining their health and hygiene. On top of that, shearing doesn’t hurt or injure your sheep in any way when done right. It’s a similar experience to how it doesn’t harm or hurt us when we cut our hair.

To be more specific, the top layer of the sheep’s skin taken out by shearing is usually dead, and it doesn’t have any effect on the sheep. Shearing should be done regularly to make sure sheep don’t overgrow wool, which might affect them later. 

To explain further, here are some additional benefits of sheep shearing: 

  1. Helps the Sheep to Stay Healthy

If you don’t shear the sheep for a long time, they will suffer from various kinds of difficulties and sicknesses. The sheep will generate large amounts of wool that can bring many risks to their health. 

  1. No Issues During the Summertime

Having excess wool will cause an imbalance in the body temperature of the sheep. This will make it difficult for them to feel comfortable during seasons like summer. 

During this time, the sheep might face issues like overheating, causing massive discomfort for them. It may also cause various health issues to the animal, and in the worst-case scenario, lead to death. 

  1. Maintains Hygiene and Mobility

If there’s too much wool on your sheep’s body, it won’t be able to move without facing discomfort. The wool’s weight will make it difficult for the sheep to walk properly. Additionally, it might cause other health issues like visibility impairment. 

Furthermore, urine and faeces will get collected in the wool, which attracts pests, flies, and maggots to the sheep’s body. Therefore, it’s necessary to maintain the hygiene of the sheep by shearing them once in a while. 

How to Shear Sheep Properly?

You need to maintain proper attention while sheep shearing. It’s a tough job and you need to keep several things in mind to prevent any harm caused during the process. Here are some tips you should learn about before shearing a sheep:

  • While shearing, the sheep should lay on their back, and their legs shouldn’t be on the floor. 
  • You should always remove the wool from the back tail first and then move towards the middle of the belly. 
  • While shearing, you should always move the shear from top to bottom to push the wool away from your body. 
  • Roll the sheep on the side slowly while trying to shear the side and the back.
  • You need to shear the wool in a continuous motion by starting towards the back and then going towards the neck and head of the sheep.
  • Try to be diligent and careful while removing the wool to keep them in one place, avoiding a mess.

While you can shear the sheep yourself, you need to take great precautions and work carefully. That’s why you should try calling a professional shearer to shear the sheep to avoid any risk of harm. 

To Sum Up

Going against all the rumors of shearing being harmful to the sheep, it’s important to carry out this task to keep them healthy. However, it’s also crucial to have proper training and necessary education to carry out an activity like sheep shearing safely. 

Shearing is an important practice you should do for your sheep to keep them away from possible issues like skin diseases, bad hygiene, etc. In the end, anyone who owns a sheep wants to take good care of them and keep them healthy.

While shearing sheep, follow the steps mentioned above. However, if you can’t do it, don’t hesitate to call a professional shearer to carry out the task for you. 

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