Things You’re Gonna Need for Your New Cat

Are you just going to welcome a new kitten to your home? Well, a new addition to the family. You must be very excited though. Yet bringing a pet is not that simple. You have to be completely prepared, both mentally and physically. There are certain things that you must consider while bringing home your cat, such as the things it’s gonna need when it comes. After all, it’s gonna be an entirely new place for your cat, so you must choose all the accessories the right way so that it can feel comfortable around. So let’s have a look at the things that you’re gonna need for your fluffy little friend.

Need for Your New Cat

The Bed

Before bringing the cat home, you should know that cats are the sleepiest animals. They sleep a lot, even during the day. Research showed that cats can sleep up to 16 to 20 hours a day. Yet if it doesn’t find a perfect place, it gonna be so uncomfortable. So bring home a perfectly warm and cozy bed for your cat before it arrives.

Bathing Accessories

Though cats don’t need too much cleaning as they are always grooming themselves. However, an overall bath once a month is important. So for the grooming session, you’re going to need a cat shampoo, cat nail trimmers, cat shaver, brush, eye cleaners, ear cleaner, and a towel.

The Harness

Cats are by nature wild animals, so they have to be close to nature. If you confined them in the house, then it’s gonna affect their health and they can even go into depression. So you’re gonna have to maintain an outing schedule for them once a day. It can even be a small walk though. However, you can’t just make them like that, so for this, you’re gonna need a cat harness.

The Bowls

You’re also gonna need cat feeding bowls so that you can avoid the mess as much as you can. Make sure to get three of them, one for the water, one for food, and one for milk.

The Toys

Cats need regular playtime. Especially if they are kittens, then an activity to keep them busy is really important, or they’re gonna drive you nuts. So brings at least 6 to 10 toys for your kitten to keep it bust around the day. You can bring toys such as balls, a cat rattler toy mouse, etc.

Scratching Post

When cats begin to grow, an instinctive urge to scratch everything starts to grow in them. They can ruin your most favorite furniture, so if you want to prevent the loss, just bring home a scratching post so that your sofas can be saved from their wild little claws.


You can’t possibly be taking your cat to the vet clinic in your arms. So a cat carrier is another important accessory to consider while bringing home your new kitten. And make sure to get a large size so that you don’t have to buy it again when your cat grows up.

Litter Box

The most important thing of all, a cat litter is a vital accessory for your cat if you want to save your house from a mess. Make sure to get the litter box that your cat finds comfortable and go for the one that comes with a scoop so that you can easily dispose of the feces.


Getting the best quality cat litter is important to prevent cat rashes and allergies. So make sure while shopping for the cat’s accessories, you get the non-toxic cat litter with no added perfume so that your cat can use it without any discomfort.

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